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Case Review of Artemis 1064 Q Switched Therapy Laser

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“Kirby” Crew14 yearsM,NLabradorSpinal stenosis, Disk DiseaseStopped decline in function
“Kirby” Crew14 yearsM,NLabradorBilateral Degenerative Stifles Grade 5 OsteoarthritisSignificant reduction in pain and Increased Range of Motion
“Greta” Grove14 yearsF,SMin PoodleSevere Spinal OA and Degenerative disk disease IISignificant increase in comfort and Increase neurologic function to rear
“Otis” Mueller8 yearsM,NBull TerrierStage 4 chronic renal failure bilateralStabilized condition, improved quality of life maintained
“Abigail” Hoffacker15 yearsF,SMin SchnauzerStage 3 chronic renal failure bilateralSignificant reversal of renal insufficiency values returned to normal range
“Jada” Zeoli15.5 yearsF,SPekingeseIntervertebral Disc Disease, Severe, T-L regionConsistent improvement in function to rear legs on treatment.
“Jada” Zeole15.5 yearsF,SPekingesePancreatitis moderateSignificant reduction in discomfort and resolution of clinical signs.
“Senge” Zeoli14.5 yearsM,NShih TzuStage 4 chronic renal failureNo improvement, died at home
“Kito” Zeoli15 yearsM,NPekingeseGrade 4 bilateral elbow dysplasia with marked degenerative changeGradual improvement in comfort and mobility, no change in range of motion
“Brenna” Zeoli14.5 yearsF,SPekingesesIntervertebral Disc Disease, severe T-L regionGradual improvement in function of rear legs and urine, fecal control
“Becky” Manos14.5 yearsF,SBeagleSevere Disk-spondylosis T-L regionGeneral improvement and marked increase in comfort and mobility
“Dixie” Manos14 yearsF,SBeagleAcute L1-L2-L3 spinal injury with soft tissue traumaTreated for acute pain and inflammation. Excellent response in one tx
“Dixie” Manos14 yearsF,SBeagleChronic Degenerative Joint Disease of left stifleTreatment produced consistent improvement in gait and range of motion. Lameness grade reduced from 3 to 1.
“Erin” King4 yearsF,SFeline, DSHFracture and nerve damage to pelvic girdle and L7-Sc1 diskLong term therapy produced improved to gait and elimination of pain. Mild improvement to urine and fecal control
“Puff” Jamison8 yearF,IBichon FriseGrade 4 chronic renal failureMarked improvement in clinical signs. Lab values showed steady improvement declined when owner discontinued therapy, passed away at home
“Sweetie” Stevens6.5 yearsF,SBeagle MixPost-operative ACL surgeryShowed significant return to function wound healing over a three week course of treatment. Fully weight bearing by second week post-operative increased healing rate of incision, 20%
“Dharma” Kovach6.5 yearsF,SAust. SheppardACL tear non-surgical patient optionBi-weekly therapy produced excellent return to function with improved gait range of motion, and exercise tolerance. Continued to do well post treatment end at 6 weeks.
“Bella” Conway11 yearsF, SMin. SchnauzerStage 4, end stage renal failurePalliative care provided to improve quality of life. Renal function tests improved 15-20 % and allowed owners more quality time with her.
“Kassie” Miller12.5 yearsF,SGerman SheppardContraction and scaring of Gracillus/Semi-tendonosisInitial response was significant lethargy several days of increase pain relief, return to previous clinical state. Additional treatment produce no further improvement in gait or range of motion, treatment stopped.
“Phoenix” Meyer12 yearsM,NStaf. TerrierIntervertebral Disk Disease L1 through L5General improvement in gait and comfort level. Improved prop-reoception and control of urine and fecal output.
“Stig” Strand3.5 yearsM,NGreat DaneCervical C5-C6 instabilityExceptional return to function. Long term weekly therapy has produced almost complete resolution of neurologic signs.
“Sorcia” Olden-Stahl13.5 yearsF,SMin. DachshundIntervertebral disk disease L4-L5, L5-L6Significant improvement in gait and neurologic function. Almost return to normal gait and function
“Sorcia” Olden-Stahl13.5 yearsF,SMin. DachshundPost luxating patella correctionExceptional improvement in comfort return to weight bearing. Very good range of motion and increased healing rate of incision, 20%
“Turbo” Wolf5 yearsM, NWeimaranerSpider venom necrosis to skinHad several surgical resections to remove damaged and necrotic tissue. Very inflamed and painful skin site. Had to wear e-collar 24-7 to keep from self-mutilation. After single treatment all pain stopped inflamed tissue and scar resolved. Hair regrowth was significant. No e-collar has been required since first treatment.
“Spencer” Anderson11.5 yearsM,NChow Chow MixACL tear non-surgical patient optionRapid improvement in gait and comfort range of motion improved. Normal following week three of treatment.
“Jake” Brown6 yearsM,NLabradorTPLO post-operative therapyExceptional improvement in comfort immediately post-operative. Weight bearing that evening. Required post-operative pain control medications incision healing rate increased 20%

All clinical cases have the therapy settings listed in their respective files if requested.
24-26 cases showed moderate to significant improvement in clinical signs and or laboratory findings.
2-26 had no improvement or negative effects from the therapy based on client response.

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