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Veterinary Healing & Advanced Imaging provides access to alternative healing options including high intensity laser therapy (HILT). Therapeutic laser employs photobiomodulation to jumpstart cell activity, promote healing and reduce inflammation. The process is analogous to the way plants convert light energy into fuel. HILT therapy is a technique that is growing in popularity in both human and animal medicine as it employs a non-drug approach to healing.


Our clinic uses the Artemis™ laser therapy device, which provides up to 70 kilowatts (micro-pulsed through its unique Q-switched power delivery system). More common (Low Intensity) devices in contrast operate at 5 to 50 watts. This increase in power allows the Artemis system to deliver light energy at a much deeper tissue penetration for relief of inflammation and stimulation of healing in nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. The Artemis™ device operates at 1064 nanometer light wavelength. This wavelength is not absorbed as easily as other wavelengths of light by hemoglobin (a blood component) or melanin (a pigment), which would otherwise limit the power that may be delivered by HILT. Finally, this particular machine includes a “q-switch” that delivers laser therapy at a significantly higher intensity than other devices. Because of these unique capabilities, we are able to utilize this advanced technology to tailor our treatment plans to the needs of each individual pet.

Typical uses of high intensity laser therapy include: post-operative healing, reduction of inflammation, swelling, edema, cartilage repair, tendon and ligament regeneration, treatment of degenerative joint disease, pancreatitis, tendonitis, arthritis, stomatitis, rhinitis, inflammatory bowel disease, intervertebral disc disease, acute injuries, minimally-invasive surgical ablation of tumors and masses, bone healing and repair of non-healing wounds.

Numerous Case Studies support use of the Artemis™ laser therapy device for conditions that benefit from this type of treatment. A five-year-old neutered male Weimeraner presented with necrotic tissue from a venomous spider bite. Although several surgeries were performed to reduce the necrotic tissue, the surrounding skin was very inflamed, painful, and caused the animal to self-mutilate. After only one HILT treatment, the pain subsided and the tissue improved. The scar was reduced and hair grew back. The animal did not require an e-collar after the first treatment.

Another wonderful example of how HILT is a highly effective treatment option is an eleven-year-old neutered male Chow Chow, who suffered an ACL partial tear but was not a candidate for surgical repair. After three weeks of laser therapy, the animal returned to a normal gait and comfort.

At Veterinary Healing and Advanced Imaging, we are proud to offer this non-surgical, non-drug treatment option in the Bay Area. We believe that unique healing options should be available to all pet owners, which is why we do our part to make HILT accessible and affordable for both pet owners and veterinary clinics.


Words are inadequate to express to the staff at Alpine Veterinary clinic my gratitude for the extremely positive experiences my 5 yr old mini dachshund and I have had. We moved to Concord in Feb traveling cross country from Jacksonville Fl in a 26 ft Penske truck! "Sissy" did great along the way until the very last night of the trip. In the hotel that night I was unaware of any unusual jump or movement, however that morning she was barely able to move and by nightfall she made no attempt to even drag her hind quarter. She would not eat and was pretty much despondent except crying out if I left her side. I did not know a vet in Concord or anyone to ask so I read a few reviews of ones close by and chose Alpine. Sissy saw Dr Virk. He prescribed steroids and suggested I try a fast food burger patty to get her some nourishment. She did not react to stimuli to her hind quarter and had lost all bladder and bowel control. I feared the worst. He told me about laser treatments that were done there in the office and thought a trial was warranted to see if she responded. I wanted to give her any reasonable chance but was still doubtful having been through 2 previous bad experiences with doxie backs. The hope and love extended to her (and me!) was incredible! I had just been thru a serious surgery at Mayo and was still emotionally and physically fragile; we were treated as though we had a long standing history with the office. Nicole (fabulous!) consulted with a specialist vet in FL who had extensive experience with the laser and a protocol was developed specifically for Sissy's condition. Tiny puppy steps of progress were celebrated by the staff... Everyone knew her by name and she looked forward to her treatments!!

I am ecstatic to report that now Sissy is running and playing! You can see videos of her progress on Alpine's Facebook page. It is my understanding that bladder control is often last to come back with her type back injury...bladder continence is pretty good now with only a few accidents and she is gaining control of her bowel movements!! THANK YOU! I will be forever grateful...truly, Sissy was saved from being euthanized!

Bren H.



We believe that unique healing options should be available to all pet owners.

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